Should we hold a second Brexit referendum?
The thing is we had a vote, the good guys lost, let’s get on with it.

Everyone had their own reasons for voting leave. One of these reasons may have been  racism, and another maybe based on an individual’s very personal circumstances. Fair enough (sort of).

But please don’t tell me you voted leave because you were ‘misled’.

Once in London, I saw ‘Caroline gives great blow-jobs’ written in the dirt on the side of a bus. Now I’ve no idea if this is true as I didn’t know the lady in question but, looking back, I give this statement far more credibility than I gave the ‘£350m per week to the NHS’ promise displayed on the side of the Boris battlebus. Why? Because in my normal, yet not overly intelligent brain, I know the former statement is possibly true, where the latter is extremely unlikely. Common sense.

And yet. And yet, people believed it and are now whining that they were misinformed. If they had known ‘the facts’ they would have voted remain instead.

That’s the problem. Even idiots get the vote.

At general elections, do they believe every word of a manifesto? Do they believe politicians and their spinners are honest? If I paid to have ‘Yeovil Town will win the 2019 F A Cup’ posted on the side of a double-decker would they all be forming unorderly queues at William Hill’s?


Would they go into a casino and put all their worldly possessions on red, and when the ball landed in black say “Oh, I didn’t understand that I’d be broke, not be able pay the mortgage, and have no food”?

As for a referendum on the terms of brexit – the electorate was confused by a simple yes/no question, what chance would they have of understanding something more complicated?

Anyway, I’m off to find Caroline. Well, you never know……

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