So, Paddy McGuinness has replaced Sue Barker as host of the BBC’s A Question of Sport. Which begs the question, what dodgy pictures has he got featuring the Corporation’s top executives?

“Paddy, are you interested in fast cars?”

“Yeah, I am actually.”

“Great, fancy being lead presenter of our showcase motoring programme?”

“Paddy, you a keen sportsman?”

“Well, I was substitute for my school’s football team a couple of times.”

“Fantastic, Sue Barker’s leaving….”

If Monty Don ever hangs up his Gardeners’ World wellington boots……

“Paddy, you a keen gardener?”

“No, not really?”

“Ever had a garden?”

“No not really….”

“Paddy, have you ever been in a garden?”

“Well, yeah…..”

“You’re in!”

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