Strictly Come Dancing is back, with a plethora of well known and not so well known ‘celebrities’ from across the cultural spectrum.

Included in the bunch, is Actress Rose Ayling-Ellis, who is deaf and, unsurprisingly, the first deaf contestant to compete in the series. Previous series have included an amputee (the impressive Jonnie Peacock), a victim of severe burns (the amazing Katie Piper), and Lauren Steadman, the talented Paralympian who was born without a right forearm.

Now, I’m all for diversity and inclusivity, and it’ll be fascinating to watch Ayling-Ellis rise to the Strictly challenge while not actually being able to hear the music.

However. The question is, how the BBC will rise to the inclusivity challenge next year?

There’s only one logical conclusion. They’ll have to have a dead contestant.

Yes, next year we’ll be treated to one of the professional dancers throwing Sir Clive Sinclair around during the Paso Doble, or another dancing the American Smooth with Amy Winehouse.

Mark my words. Len?

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